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Hi ya! 

Welcome to my world of art & design! 

I'm Lindsey & my pronouns are she/her/hers. 

Tech snack of choice: Snickers or anything to do with Reeses. 

I am a Lighting Designer, Projections Designer, Lead Electrician, Props, Director, Event Manager & Theatre Artist

Design, the entertainment industry, & art have always been a huge part of my life. I remember putting on shows all over my friends & family's houses while I was growing up. Everything from reenacting Grease to every music video created by Shania Twain. No stage was ever too difficult or too small, and I always loved a challenge. This is definitely something that I've carried over into my professional work.

I strive to bring positivity, laughter, & a chill atmosphere to everything that I do. For me, I turn to art to make a difference in people's lives, whether it be for a moment or a lifetime. I like to dabble in all aspects of the arts, from props to scenic painting, to lighting up the stage! I'm very passionate about the work I help create. There is absolutely nothing like working with and on a team of creative individuals. I'm very organized and detail orientated which helps me with every obstacle, challenge, and problem-solving adventure I find. 


My ideas for a design start with creating a little world on stage in my head. Take lighting for example; designing lights is like designing characters. Each light has its own part to play and its own piece of the story to unveil. Each show is a blank canvas waiting to be painted. Every puzzle piece to a production helps take people out of their worlds & into those that we create on stage! Completely submerging people into the world I help create is what drives me. 


If you can't find me creating art, I'm either listening to Crime Junkies or I'm somewhere outside! Traveling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, yoga, and just exploring the adventures of our world! 


These last few years have been anything but normal and with more people turning to art, it's more important now than ever that we keep making these dreams into realities. On every production and project I work on, I pride myself in bringing brave, empathetic, efficient, and safe spaces for team members and all involved in creating our masterpiece. I believe that this is the most important part of the art industry; creating a loving community where everyone is happy to come to work each day. 

I am so excited to continue freelancing and taking advantage of opportunities that come my way.  I can't wait to work with you!

Previous leadership roles include:

  • Assistant Lighting Director for The National Black Theatre Festiva

  •  Assistant Lighting Director for The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center & The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol 

  • Lighting Designer & Assistant Lighting Designer for various shows at The Sharon Morse PAC & The Studio Theatre TDS

  • Lead Electrician for various shows at The Sharon Morse PAC & The Studio Theatre TDS

  • Lighting Designer & Lead Electrician for Victory Productions

  • Lead Electrician for The Lost Colony & The Sound Stage Theatre: Roanoke Island Historical Association

  • Trade Show Workshop Coordinator & Instructor; Enttec Americas, NC

  • Office Manager; Parrish Paint & Home Repair, NC

  • Lead Electrician; Burning Coal Theatre

  • Lighting Designer, Assistant Lighting Designer, & Lead Electrician at The University of North Carolina Wilmington

  • Stage Manager, Projections Designer, Lighting Designer, Assistant Lighting Designer at North Carolina Central University

  • Vice President, Eagle Tech; NCCU

  • Secretary, Alpha Psi Omega; NCCU

  • On the board of the Ivan Dixon Players; NCCU

  • President, International Thespian Society; CE Jordan High School, NC

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