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Ally Rocks 405

Learn all about the Nonprofit Ally Rocks 405
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What is Ally Rocks 405?

"In a world where injustice and sadness run rampant, we are here to help shed some light. Allyson Renee Goad was the victim of another man's selfish decision to drink and drive and it cost her, her life. His decision stole our light from us, her family and friends. We are here to not only help raise awareness for the voices that can no longer be heard but to also brighten lives around us with the same infectious joy that Ally herself bestowed upon each and every person she encountered.

From Oklahoma to wherever you are located, this rock painting group is brightening the days of strangers and sharing Ally’s story— one colorful rock at a time. Gathering members who wish to join in the fun of painting rocks, hiding rocks and hunting for rocks painted by others.

In memory of our sweet Allyson Goad who was taken from our world too soon and in hopes of preventing others from losing their loved ones."  - Ally's Mom Danette Goad.

How am I involved?

I love Universal Studios/IOA in Orlando. I also adore crafting and artistry. So when I found my first crafting hide courtesy of Universally Crafted the Facebook group, I was instantly hooked. That scavenger hunt led me to find many other crafting groups that hide goodies around the parks. So began my love of hiding and making crafts to make someone's day at Universal.


Through these groups, I met Danette, Ally's Mom in May of 2022. After hearing their story & cause we knew we needed to get involved and help raise awareness against drinking and driving in honor of Ally. Since working with this amazing cause and joining Team Ally I have visited them in Oklahoma, participated in their grand prize scavenger hunts, painted countless rocks, and created many other pieces of art to hide around the country! Truly a beautiful experience that I am forever grateful.


Currently, I help Team Ally not only through art but also with their social media account on Tiktok - building some of their content. Please check out Team Ally's Facebook Group & Tiktok to learn more about Ally and this wonderful cause. This found family will always have my heart as this year they have changed my life! 

Tiktok content on this web page created by me :)

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