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Dr. Faustus

The Mainstage Theatre

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Dr. Faustus

The Mainstage Theatre 
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Original play by: Christopher Marlowe
Adapted by: Christopher Marino 
Directed by: Christopher Marino
Composed by: Adrian Varnam
Set Designer: Randall A. Enlow
Costume Designer: Mark Sorensen
Projection Designer: Ryan Jalerpan
Sound Designer: Max Lydy
Stage Manager: Raja Jalerpan
Co Lighting Designer: Randall A. Enlow
Photos by: Lindsey Young & Janet Adamson

Role: Co - Lighting Designer & Lead Electrician
Fun Fact: This rock and roll musical adaptation is still one of the coolest shows I have ever done! Seriously was craziness to see it all come together so beautifully. Also the costumes were AMAZING!​
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