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Now. Here. This.

The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol

Now. Here. This.

The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
Role: Lighting Designer & Lead Electrician

Music and Lyrics by Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Jeff Bowen

Director & Choreographer: Nathaniel Niemi

Artistic Director: Whitney Morse

Music Director: Gary Powell

Scenic Designer: Kenneth Constant

Lighting Designer: Lindsey Young

Lead Electrician: Lindsey Young

Assistant Lighting Designer: Eric Van Tassell

Costume Designer: Stephanie Horn

Sound/AV Designer: Nick Erikson

Stage Manager: Grace Zottig

Guitar: Bill Neale

Percussion: Jerry Bruno

Bass: John Gaffney

Photos By: Lindsey Young, Brian Sumner & Villages Marketing

Fun Fact: This show holds a special place in my heart. It was my first design at The Studio. I still listen to the music from this show all the time. Since it was a minimal set the show relied heavily on lighting. It was a great piece to program & I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I loved how the lighting turned out on the canvases. Fun place to splash color and contrast.

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